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August 30, 2010
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Scott Pilgrim Bonus Stage by p3hrmne Scott Pilgrim Bonus Stage by p3hrmne
since "full view" doesn't work, download please. and be sure to scroll all the way to the left before reading.

I've been fooling around with this idea since I heard about the contest. Cause I just KNEW tons of people here didn't know how to count. 8 comes AFTER 7! So Ramona's 8th evil ex should come after Gideon, the 7th! And this story was the best way to get an 8th "boyfriend" into the universe.

I also wanted to give O'Malley something neat to read. A lot of the entries are kinda just..awful. No offense if you made an awful one. And not saying mine looks that great. Infact it didn't turn out visually at all how I wanted it. But I had to draw this in two nights, what with my school and work schedule, to get it submitted on time. Winning one of the prizes would be really awesome but I mostly just want O'Malley to read it.

anyway, :iconradiomaru:, I hope you enjoy reading this little fan comic thing. Love your stuff and good luck looking through a million drawings of an evil Scott.

edit: I changed it from horizontal to vertical, it seemed not a lot of people were bothering downloading the image to see it :/

And I guess I should talk a little but about the evil ex. I didn't give him a name, I didn't think he needed one. He was a nameless stepping stone on the way to Toronto. But I guess he can be named...uh... Reese Cooley. Go ahead and name him after my friend Maurice Cooley. Cooley has "cool" in the name which this made up evil ex so is not.

His "powers" are his parents' money. His dad owns a dealership and pretty much bails him out of everything. He coasted through college this way too. He uses his parents' money to buy those robot duplicates. I guess I should've made that more clear, but the flow of the comic didn't call for it.

As every evil ex has a video game element to them in a way that they're defeated, from a BONK headbutt to Chrono Trigger double tech, so I had to have one for this evil ex as well. I went with Megaman because it's a game that is somehow not represented in Scott Pilgrim in such a fashion. So him stepping on the pin is equivalent to that of a spike (instant exploding death). You know, in case the other really heavy Megaman references weren't doing it for ya.
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I love the skateboard robo... :D
Whoa, why hasn't anybody commented? This is so awesome possum!!
Whoa, why hasn't anybody commented? This is so awesome possum!!
Holy crap dude, this is amazing. Your back story kicks my back story's ASS.

I would gladly lose to you, haha. I hope we atleast PLACE, though. D:
tons of thanks dude!

man I hope we place too. I just really want to hit the top 25 so O'Malley can see my entry. I made it for him, not to win!

that totally sounds gay but don't worry, I read your sig
Oh dude, I know! I put some of those jokes in just for him, so I hope he gets to read these, too!

I'm sort of worried though because I checked back at the official rules of the contest and it states that some staff from Universal Studios will ALSO be looking at the preliminaries, and I'm worried that they'll be looking for something more "commercial" or something. :C

And thank you for keeping it gay. Always keep it gay.
Wow, this actually seems like something O'mally himself would've written.

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